The latest report of the US Department of Energy: the cost of clean energy technologies such as LEDs is rapidly decreasing

- Jan 12, 2019-

The latest report released by the US Department of Energy shows accelerated deployment of clean energy technologies such as wind, solar, electric vehicles and LEDs.

The report shows that US clean energy technology costs are reduced and deployment is accelerated. The world advocates a low-carbon economy with equal economic and environmental benefits. The United States is aware of this and accelerates the deployment of clean energy. According to the report, clean energy and technological innovation can significantly reduce costs and accelerate the deployment of advanced technologies.

Secretary General Moniz said: "We need to continue to push the innovation agenda, significantly reduce the cost of all low-carbon technologies, and enhance the US's competitiveness and autonomy in the global clean energy economy."

The US Department of Energy continues to increase investment to promote research and development of clean energy technologies, and prices have now dropped from 94% in 2008 to 40%. More than 200 million LED A-type lamps were installed in 2015, an increase of 160% over 2014.

Accelerating the deployment of clean energy technologies has gained real-time benefits. Among them, LEDs are 85% more energy efficient than incandescent lamps. From 2016 to 2035, the accelerated installation of LED lights can save the US $630 billion in energy consumption.

In addition to these fast-growing technologies, the report also discusses four emerging technologies: fuel cells, grid-connected power generation, energy management systems and 3D printing, which will be widely deployed in the coming years. As these technologies become more cost-effective and widely used, economic and environmental benefits will also grow.

The Department of Energy will continue to increase research and development of these core and emerging technologies, further reduce market barriers, continue to innovate, strengthen the clean energy revolution, and transform the way energy is produced and used.