The light distribution curve is the lifeline of the luminaire

- Jul 27, 2018-

First of all, the basic function of the luminaire itself is to provide an electrical connection to the light source. In general, the user is most concerned about whether the LED ceiling light can illuminate where we want it to illuminate, whether it makes us feel comfortable; however, for Professional lighting designers, in addition to familiar with the selection of various LED ceiling light body, lens and reflective system, must also understand the spot quality of the LED ceiling light according to the light distribution curve of the lamp, calculate the LED ceiling light The illuminance value at any point in the efficiency and space can also be used to calculate the illuminance distribution in the spatial region. It is no exaggeration to say that the light distribution curve of the LED ceiling light is the lifeline of the lamp.

Secondly, LED ceiling lighting should also pay attention to light pollution. The regulation of light intensity and the regulation of light flicker are emphasized in the living environment. Because there are many lightings and advertisements at night, too bright affects people's sleep, and the flickering of lights can also affect driving safety. LED ceiling light performance is also quite perfect at this point, no glare, no stroboscopic is one of the important reasons people like it.

Finally, the most important concern for LED indoor lighting applications should be the color rendering index. Because no one wants to see people's faces in the room like ghosts. Color temperature is also an important requirement, which has a great influence on the display effect of goods. In boutique clothing stores, clothes are pretty beautiful at low color temperatures without high color temperatures. Color temperature can create an environmental effect that adds value to the product. LED ceiling lights can adjust different light colors according to different environments, so they have an advantage in these fields.