The main cause of LED lamp bead failure

- Oct 01, 2018-

The main cause of white LED lamp bead failure or necrosis


The white LED lamp bead is a voltage-sensitive device. In actual operation, the current is 20 mA, but the current is often increased due to various reasons in use. If no protective measures are taken, this increase After the current exceeds a certain time and amplitude, the LED lamp bead will be damaged.

The main causes of LED lamp bead damage are:


1. A sudden rise in the supply voltage.

2. A short circuit of a component or printed line or other wire in the line forms a partial short circuit of the LED lamp bead supply path, which increases the voltage in this place.

3. A LED lamp bead is damaged due to its own quality, and its original voltage drop is transferred to other LED lamp beads.

4. The temperature inside the lamp is too high, which deteriorates the characteristics of the LED lamp bead.

5. The inside of the lamp is filled with water, and the water is electrically conductive.

6. At the time of assembly, there is no anti-static work, so that the inside of the LED lamp bead has been damaged by static electricity. Despite the application of normal voltage and current values, it is very easy to cause damage to the LED lamp beads.