Track light usage

- Aug 29, 2018-

Track light usage

Color and lighting are two great tools that are relatively easy to implement in home design.Mastering the tips of home color matching, the next step is lighting. If there is something like the heating in winter, it will bring great happiness, then it must be a warm light source.Next, we will talk about how to use the lighting equipment to create a warm home.


The Edison bulb has suddenly become popular, but it is an LED light that looks the same but saves power.The chandelier with the lampshade solves the problem of the glare of the light bulb.Fabric shades make the light softer, and opaque shades let the light gather where it is needed.


The light is focused on the center of the table, which not only makes the food more beautiful, it looks more delicious, but also has a warm feeling of sitting around the campfire.

party time


Then there are old-fashioned fluorescent tubes and ceiling lamps, and one room is illuminated by a single light, which can only meet the needs of “illuminating the house”.But in fact, if you want to read a book or take something, the brightness is not enough.

illuminating the house

There is a popular practice to directly pull out the bright light line to change the position of the chandelier, but this requires a higher layer height, and the ceiling will be cut by the light line.

*Just look good in the photo.

Moreover, the position of the new hook is still directly punched and installed on the floor, which is very inconvenient to move.

instational light

Therefore, the design of the guide light is to greatly facilitate your life, flexible transfer, gentle and not hurt. Improve the taste of home decoration

In other words, but whatever, as long as you have this track head, go to the conductive rail, and it will light up!Not only limited to spotlights, spotlights, chandeliers, decorative light bulbs, or even ceiling lights, it's all right!

track lighting

As long as you feel that the lights are not enough or the position is not suitable, you can always disassemble them!

lighting design room

Track lights can give you a different life, a different mood.