Turkish LED Market Newsletter - Turkish Market Newsletter for Eurasian Market

- Nov 21, 2018-

Turkish LED Market Newsletter - Turkish Market Newsletter for Eurasian Market

During the autumn light in Hong Kong, we learned from the Turkish buyers that the Turkish LED market is about to undergo several major changes. The small series has compiled the information provided by these buyers for everyone to understand the future development trend of the Turkish market.

The limit price of imported goods from 2019 is lower than the market price.

In order to promote local industrial development, regulate the management of imported goods, and protect the image of local industries, the Turkish government will restrict the prices of imported products from 2019, and the market price will not be released. The Customs will use the average market price as the first reference standard. The company's imported goods are lower than the first reference standard. The proportion of the data is regarded as a low-quality product. It is not allowed to be cleared. The company is likely to issue the goods, but the local customers cannot receive the goods. For example, the average retail price of a certain type of LED lighting in Turkey is 100 lire, and the import price of the customs declaration is 10 lira. It will be recognized as a low-priced product by the customs. The products will be spot-checked and the quality will not be released. The buyer who received the blonde goods could not mention the goods and caused losses. Such standards will enhance the development of high-quality companies in the Turkish market and the elimination of low-quality companies.

The world's largest airport began to open

The new airport in Istanbul, which began construction in 2014, will be opened. The new airport will be divided into two phases. After completion, it will be the world's largest airport. It has 6 runways, can park 500 aircraft, and receives 200 million passengers a year. The development will give full play to the advantages of the central point of Turkey's Eurasia, enhance tourism, business cooperation, trade in goods, construction of the second phase and airport supporting services in Turkey. A large number of hotels are planned near the new airport to serve tourists.

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The hotel welcomes a comprehensive upgrade

In order to enhance tourism development, Turkey will fully upgrade the hotel industry to meet the growing number of tourists, and the hotel industry is beginning to welcome new generations. Early Turkish hotels were common in the old town, and the number of rooms and rooms were small. At present, the number of tourists in Turkey has exceeded 10 million, which is unable to meet the needs of tourists. According to the survey, there are more than 30 new star-rated hotels in Istanbul each year, and the number of single-hotel rooms has reached 200. Istanbul belongs to the mountainous city, and the land resources are scarce. The old 5-star hotel has an average of no more than 100 rooms. The room is small and the elevator only accommodates 3-4 people. The restaurant can't satisfy the group meal of tourists. The service facilities are not perfect and can't satisfy the business and European Asian tourists.