What are the advantages of LED flip-chip COB

- Sep 06, 2018-

What are the advantages of LED flip-chip COB?

The COB market is gradually stabilizing, and the price reduction space is very limited. The LED inverted COB light source with smaller light source and higher light efficiency is expected to become the next market trend. Let's analyze the advantages of LED flip-chip COB light source:

LED flip-chip COB light source and formal COB have their own advantages and disadvantages. From the current technology point of view, the COB technology and process are more mature, the efficiency is higher, and the current cost control is better; LED flip-chip COB light source can withstand higher drive current, higher optical density, but no efficiency The dressing COB is high.

alight cob LED chip

It is their different characteristics that make them currently focus on different market segments. The COB is mainly used for general illumination and medium-width beam angles. The LED inverted COB source is mainly used for accent lighting and narrow beam angle. In the foreseeable future, they will still play a role in their respective market segments.

Flip is to replace the trend, but is it completely replaced? Although in the next 1-2 years, LED flip-chip COB light sources will start from high-power outdoor and industrial COB, medium- and high-power commercial lighting will also be launched. Low-power bulbs should be more challenging, but many teams are facing Work hard in this direction. But LED flip-chip COB light source will be the mainstream technology, but the relationship with the formal cob is definitely not 0 and 1.