Why are summer lamps easy to break

- Sep 05, 2018-

Why are summer lamps easy to break ?

Do you find flip-chip mandrel light sources, COB plant lights, solar COB lights, bedside lights, LED high bay lights, etc., which are easier to break in summer and worse than winter. why is it like this? ?

The answer is one: the heat dissipation of the lamp is not good, the weather temperature in the summer is relatively high, the LED light will also glow, and the lamp is burned out.

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So what is the cause?

     1. The heat-conducting materials of the lamps are not enough. For example, the existing inferior bulbs are all plastic, and there is no heat-dissipating radiator. The heat generated by the light source can not be guided. How can it not be bad?

     2. The heat dissipation design of the lamps is unreasonable. Many lamps have no heat dissipation design at all. They are assembled directly with the accessories. They have not been tested by scientific experiments. Why not?

     3. The installation environment is unreasonable. The installation of LED lamps requires a certain amount of heat dissipation space to dissipate heat, and the installation environment is humid. LED lamps are also easy to be damaged in a humid environment, because LED lamps are composed of electronic components. It affects performance and is easy to break. For this reason, only the user should pay attention to it.