Alight New Series Motorized Track Light

Alight Optoelectronic Industry Commerce Co., Ltd. is the inventor of the “Motorized lighting” series. It is the first to incorporate the concepts of “Remote control removable” and “Remote control variable shape structure” in commercial lighting and home lighting,And it is A technology company that launches the same concept product in the market. Moreover, for the “Motorized lighting” series, Alight Optoelectronic Industry Commerce Co., Ltd.

Product Details

Alight New Series Motorized Track Light

Motorized lighting

motorized track light controllerMotorized lighting is a collective name for the series of intelligent remote control lighting which were developed by Alight Optoelectronic Industry Commerce Co., Ltd. (Equity code 892091) in 2017. It integrates remote control to adjust the moving direction or adjust the shape structure and remote control dimming, Mainly change the defects of the traditional commercial lighting and home lighting fixtures (such as track lights, down lights,ceiling lamps, etc.) only with a single function: fixed appearance and shape, and can not be changed. Through the remote controller, can automatically change the illumination angle/direction or change the shape structure of the lamp (such as changing from down light to chandelier light) in a short time, So that one lamp can take care of multiple lighting functions. It is more in line with the needs of modern decoration for the intelligent, diversified and simple and practical use of commercial lighting and home lighting.

light sizeφ92mm*200
Light sourceCREE / SANAN/ AC COB
Lighttraic dimmable
Normal Voltage28W
Beam angle15°,24°,36°
Adaptor2 wires ,3 wires, 4 wires
Sheel colorwhite, black
MaterialAluminum, IP20
CertificateCE, ROHS,SAA,CB,TUV
Warranty3 years

Alight New Series Motorized Track Light size

Aluminum lamp body

*Aluminum alloy body, simple and fashionable shape to integrated design with built-in driver.
*Compact LED track light which with unique light distribution and high efficiency.

*Save more 50% energy than traditional lighting fixture.

*Excellent optical design makes the light even soft. Good heat sink and easy for maintain result from lamp's good structure.

Goob COB Source Is Our Best Strength

*Chip-on board (COB) LED and its application, the potential tendency in Lighting industry has become our commitment since 2008.
*Our company is a lighting techonology enterprise which set COB light source design and encapsulation,LED lamp and lanterns design and production.We have always focused on the design and developemt of the COB LED light source.

Alight New Series Motorized Track Light controller

Optional Fitting

1, The driver is in the lamp body + track adapter (驱动内置灯体+导轨头)

2, The driver is in the track box (驱动外置电源盒内)

3, Track adaptor with Integrated LED Driver (一体电源导轨头)

4, infrared receivers (essential 红外线接收器)

Motorized track light instruction

1. The controller is direct at infrared receivers for motorized track light at the back, it can make light to horizontal spin 0°~320° degree, vertical sway 0°~90° degree that controller 1~3.5m apart. Please attention to don’t press again controller when track light no more spin, lest damage electric machinery gear.

2. If controller will be not use for a long time, should be take out the battery lest battery liquor damage the controller.


Motorized track light living room

Motorized track light living room

Motorized track light kitchen

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