Infrared Remote Control Tracklight

Infrared Remote Control Tracklight

IR sensors detect motion based on the infrared light they receive and measure. The track motor must be able to move forwards and backwards on command from signals sent by IR.

Product Details

Infrared Remote Control Tracklight

IR wireless remote control tracklight:

  1. Lamp body is with a motorized horizontal and vertical axis which can be adjusted.

  2. The utilitarian style fits almost design criteria.

  3. Aluminum housing and durable PC components.

  4. Good choice for commercial, retail stores, banquet halls,etc.


Tips for control:

  1. Rotation range: 0-320° in horizon and 0-90° in vertical.

  2. Maximum control distance is 3-5 meters.

  3. Do not press the controller again when the fixture is no rotating for protecting the gears.


New concept creates new product—Moterized remote control tracklight.


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