Revolutionary IR Instruct Motorized Track Light

Revolutionary IR Instruct Motorized Track Light

This unique Leading Wireless IR Motorized Tracklight is with a set of custom built motors, and a patented control method using a IR to select each lamp, then radio to drive the motors.
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Product Details

Revolutionary IR Instruct Motorized Track Light

This new motorized track light is developed and produced by ALIGHT Lighting. It is totally different from any other track light which you can find from other companies. 


Product specification

Light Power: 28W/ 35W 

Input Voltage: AC 200-240V 

LED : Cree CXA1820 / CXA1830 

Driver: 700mA 28W/ 800mA 35W 

Luminous Flux: 2500lm / 3100lm 

CRI ≥80Ra 

Color Temperature : 2700K-6500K 

Beam angle: 15°/ 24°/ 36° 


Light Size(mm) : Φ92X200 

Material : Aluminum

Color: white / black


Instruction Manual of Motorized Tracklight:

Using a IR remore wireless control and then you may rotate the lamp in horizontal 0~320° or vertical 0~90° by handheld controller. The optimum distance of controlling is 3-5metres. It is especially good for the height application such as cloth store, exhibition hall.


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