Wireless Motorized Tracklight

Wireless Motorized Tracklight

This unique IR Wireless remote controller motorized track light is with a set of custom built motors, and a patented control method using a IR to select each lamp, then radio to drive the motors.

Product Details

Wireless Motorized Tracklight

Wireless control tracklight can bring much convenience to users as it can free people from ladder when it comes to the adjustment. Things can be done just with a small remote control.


Instruction Manual of Motorized Tracklight:


1.The remote controller will be aligning with the infrared receptor on the back of this luminaire, then you may rotate the lamp in horizontal 0~320° or vertical 0~90° by handheld controller. The optimum distance of controlling is 3-5metres.

To avoid damage to the internal tiny gears ofmotors,ensure never press the controller again when the fixture is no rotating.

2.If you do not intend to use the remote control for a long time, remove the promptly to prevent them from leaking into the battery compartment.


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