2018 New Design AC COB Driver On Board

- Apr 05, 2018-

2018 New Design AC COB Driver on Board

In order to give clients nicer and improving products, and friendly using experience, Alight LED keeps developing better and multi-functional products. Our latest dimmable high efficiency driver-on-board COB is such an example. It is not merely AC power input directly COB, it is also with dimming function. We design it in perfect match with Triac dimmer, which is tailored to worldwide lighting industry usage habit. Products are designed following regulations, like CE, UL and ETL etc.

The characteristics of dimmable high efficiency driver-on-board COB are summarized as below:

 Direct AC power input

 No Electrolytic Capacitor

 High power factor > 0.99

 Triac dimming

 PWM dimming

 Operating temperature: -60~85°C

This dimmable high efficiency driver-on-board COB series, designed to be in accordance with European (220 V~240 V) and USA (120 V) market needs. The CRI can be made at 70, 80 or 90, depends on customers’ different requirements.

Non-dimmable high efficiency driver-on-board COB series is also available in different wattage, from 5 W to 100 W, and also for worldwide market needs.

The dimmable/non-dimmable high efficiency driver-on-board AC COB series are already in mass production, and samples are available for further testing. Customizing specification is available as well

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