About Alight's Technical Team

- Mar 29, 2019-

About Alight's technical team

We have always focused on the design and development of the COB LED light source. According to the requirements of the customers' lighting scenes or the requirements of light sources and lamps, we provide a complete of solutions for the customers from the design of light source to the realization of light distribution scenarios and the design and prototype production of lamps and lanterns.A one -stop service is provided from the confirmation of the blueprint scheme to the template ordering and testing, as well as in the mass production. It soles problems such as design problems, pre-assessment, test problems, proofing costs and difficult problems, as well as a series of problems such as multi parts, multi materials and multi suppliers cooperation. Achieve the goal of"As long as you think.

Technical team!

From modifications of existing products to the realization of a unique design vision, our engineering and technical design team is ready to work with you