Alight Company Testing Equipment Introduction

- Oct 11, 2018-

Alight company testing equipment introduction

Depending on the requirements of the customer's lighting scene or the requirements of the light source and luminaire, we offer our customers complete solutions from light source design to luminaire distribution solutions and luminaire design and prototyping. From the confirmation of the blueprint scheme to the template ordering and testing, as well as mass production, a one-stop service is provided. It solves problems such as design issues, pre-assessments, test problems, proofing costs and problems, and a range of issues.

*COB light source design and encapsulation equipment

COB light source design and encapsulation equipment.png

*COB LED &luminaires detection testing center

COB LED &luminaires detection testing center.png

*COB LED &luminaires aging test center

COB LED &luminaires aging test center.png

*Rapid 3D Printing

Rapid 3D Printing.png

*CNC(computerized numerical control)machining center

CNC(computerized numerical control)machining center.png

In addition,our company has Aluminum Die casting,aluminum extrusion,PC injection molding,PC extrusion and more which involves LED luminaires.A set of luminaires design plan needs 7 days from design deawing to make sample. ITonly taked 15 days from samples approves to bulk peoduction.