Alight Motorized Track Lights Are On Sale

- May 09, 2019-

BIG NEWS! Alight Motorized Track Lights Are on SALE!!!

HELLO, EVERYBODY! We are very proud to pronounce that we have successfully developed Motorized Track Light. The success of this available product cannot ignore the persistent endeavors of our engineering colleagues.  Therefore, I would like to say BIG THANKS to my colleagues who have great contributions to the new product, thank you all of you guys.

And now, we are going to market this new product. (Motorized Track Lighting) Compare to peers, our price is more competitive in the marketplace. Let's see the data below.

e7ef4fcd1e8e7ccbcecd713807e0600b  Alight Motorized Track Lights.jpg

From the left picture, we can know that they use bulb instead of LED LAMP, which is not green, have a short lifespan, safety is not guaranteed and with a high price. BUT, Alight motorized track light is different from it. We use LED in it, which is eco-friendly, energy saving and cheap. We only sale US$45.2!!! Price is soooo attractive and lower than the other lighting company who sales motorized track light.

So, why not take actions to have this AMAZING product?!

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