Alight Motorized Track Lights

- Apr 13, 2019-

Alight Motorized track lights

With infrared control system, remote control rotation angle, the maximum rotation angle is 350 degrees.

One remote control can control multiple track lights... 

Infrared light control systems,suitable for more than 3.5m high ceilings..

Alight Motorized track lights

We try to bring the traditional installation method in the process of R&D. On the basis of the original, we add the infrared remote control drive device, and can also use the remote control rotation angle, LED Track light with incorporated electronic gear and Chip on board.Improved color rendering index +80. High quality lenses with three different beam spreads.

Of course, this product is still in the implementation stage, unexpected cost-effective surprises, interested customers, you can contact us, thank you very much.