Alight Technical Team Tells You Some Suggestions

- Sep 08, 2018-

Alight technical team tells you some suggestions

The COB light source has a plurality of chips directly soldered on the PCB substrate, and the electrical connection between the chip and the substrate is realized by a wire stitching method. 

The surface layer structure of the COB light source substrate has an insulating layer, a copper foil, and a super bright high-temperature insulating ink (the surface is bright white), and the copper foil is used to arrange the mixed wiring.

cob light source

The core of the COB light source is the circuit disconnection, which is related to the following factors:

     1. The surface of the PCB substrate is covered with dust particles during the copper foil wiring process, causing an open circuit.

     2. The surface of the gold solder joint is oxidized

     3, the surface has aluminum chips, directly cleaned without being cleaned

     4, the lead is pulled off

     5, the quality of the chip itself has problems