ALIGHT TOP10 World Lighting Experts

- Aug 18, 2018-

ALIGHT top10-world-lighting-experts

ALIGHT TOP10 world lighting experts, support custom light source services, as long as you have the interest of diy, we try to be satisfied.

"As long as you think, we can achieve." This is the latest service direction of our company. From the COB LED light source design -Lights product design - environmental light distribution design, can be resolved in one step.

design light.jpg

Also we have advanced technology equipment—COB light source packaging equipment, plastic and aluminum rapid prototyping equipment, light distribution laboratory, advanced design and testing software—Protel, Pro-E, CAD, 3D-MAX, DIALux, and design Engineering team, more effective for you Saves time and costs, and improves efficiency and quality for product development.

In addition, the light fixtures we often sell are simple and stylish and cost-effective. They are deeply loved by European and American customers,Enclosed our catalog for your reference.