Amazing! It Still Has Such Great Potential

- Jun 26, 2019-

This new generation of AC light source is absolutely perfect

Last year, I was fortunate to work with Italian customer Heson to try out our Driverless AC light source. After half a year, getting the answer that shocked him...

The cost of manual installation is half saved. He said that this integrated line of light source light source is rare in the market. I was surprised to buy it with the mentality of trying. The result is stability, safety and specifications. Very in line with our requirements! ! Moreover, this type of light source saves me a lot of time and labor costs in terms of installation, this product is very good!

Driverless AC COB From ALIGHT

AC compared to the DC light source, this AC light source fully satisfies the need to play without the need to purchase additional drivers and stability! Relative to the cost performance, this ac light source can support my luminaire design at will (just design the outer casing is perfect, of course, still need to consider its radiator size).

Thanks to Heson for giving us such high feedback. We will continue to collect feedback from different customers and design better products! !