Chrysanthemums Blooming In The Night

- Nov 24, 2018-

Chrysanthemums blooming in the night

Xiaolan Town of Zhongshan has the reputation of "Jucheng". Xiaolan Chrysanthemum has been rated as a national intangible cultural heritage, which is held every year, a medium-sized exhibition in 10 years and a large-scale exhibition in 60 years.


The chrysanthemum culture runs through the history of Xiaolan, and there are corresponding records in the Southern Song Dynasty. From the beginning, there were civil organizations such as "Chrysanthemum Trial" and "Juju", which gradually evolved into a "Yellow Flower Club" every 10 years. In the Jiaqing Year of Jiaqing in the Qing Dynasty, there were 10 Chrysanthemums jointly organized a large-scale chrysanthemum event, and they met with the pilgrimage of the ancestors when they settled in Xiaolan (a 60-year session). In the history, when the chrysanthemums are in full bloom, the families will put together a variety of chrysanthemums to compare and judge, and then "Chrysanthemum test", and later developed into a chrysanthemum meeting. The meeting period is from a few days to a dozen days. The activities include Chrysanthemum, Cypress, Chrysanthemum, Chrysanthemum, Chrysanthemum, Water, Chrysanthemum, etc. It is now preserved. Therefore, during the annual chrysanthemum meeting, a large number of tourists will come to enjoy the chrysanthemum and eat the chrysanthemum feast.

How can these chrysanthemums bloom in the night sky like daytime? Yes, the lights! LED plant lighting, an artificial light source that meets the lighting conditions required for photosynthesis in plants. According to the type, it belongs to the third generation of plant fill light fixtures! In the absence of daylight, this luminaire acts as daylight, allowing plants to grow normally or better.

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Of course, all kinds of data of the light source are in line with the world lighting standards, and have passed the ce certification. The use of these luminaires allows visitors to enjoy the beauty of chrysanthemums at night.

You are welcome to come to Zhongshan. If you have the chance, you can enjoy the beautiful chrysanthemums that are now blooming, and you will get new insights and inspirations.