Design Case For Motorized Track Lights

- Dec 17, 2019-

Design Case: Lighting Design For Fashion Stores

Decoration overview of the scene:

*Commercial pedestrian street shops, an area of about 350 square meters;

*There is no physical partitioning inside, it is required to use light to partition;

*The height of lamps from the ground is about 5m;

*The decoration style is simple, mainly white.

lighting case design

The main concerns of the owner:

* The lamps should be stylish and concise, without burden;

* Without main lighting, the light can focus on the product properly, highlighting the style and characteristics of the product;

* Distinguish space and area with light;

* In order to cope with different products sold in different periods and seasons, the position of product sales often changes. It is required that the angle of light irradiation can be changed at any time to highlight the main product or promotional product in different periods.

fashion shop use motorized lights

Our design plan:

* Lighting combination: Motorized track light + linear light + flat/panel light;

* The Motorized track light is used to create a light partition space;

* The Motorized track lights are used to highlight key lighting areas;

* Linear light and flat/panel light are used for local soft lighting.

lighting design

Advantages of Motorized track lights:

* Using a simple remote control, you can easily adjust the illumination angle of the track light without a ladder;

* No system initialization is required, just like ordinary track lights, ready to use immediately;

* Easy to use, one remote control can control any number of Motorized track lights.