Discover The New VALUE Flex LED Strips

- Sep 10, 2019-

Discover the new VALUE Flex LED strips

ALIGTH‘s company a new design that uses the softness of a flexible light source to match the design of the light strip. Through our technical process, the color temperature coversion layer is added to the surface of the flexible lamp strip to break the lamp strip in the form of the traditional SMD lamp bead, so that the illuminating surface is more uniform.

Flexible LED strip from ALIGHT

Production Features

1.Flexibility:Arbitrarily bending would not break the cob led. That will not be affect when you can cut anywhere.

2. Exellect lighting effect:Luminous intensity can be up to 180lm/w.

3. 60° Beam angle

4. Widespread application:suitable for indoor lighting,outdoor lighting and special lighting.

5. Customize service;Specification can be changed according to your needs.

6. CE Approval:Quality assurance.