Driverless Ac Cob Pag3

- Aug 24, 2018-

Driverless ac cob pag#3

Ac generally requires additional power supply drivers for stable and safe use. But our new product is not needed.

A: Emmm, my friend, after installing the chip, how to install the driver? 

B: Drive? What drive? 

A: These lights, I want to help my son put a driver on his lamp, I believe this is a very successful work. 

B: Hahahaha, are you kidding me? This does not require a driver 

A: Really? Are you telling the truth?? 

Alight driverless ac cob led

B: Yes, the biggest feature of this product is that it can be connected directly to the circuit, no need to drive, and the internal structure design can achieve no need to drive. This is the characteristic of the new AC COB Chip.