Driverless AC COB Technology

- May 06, 2020-

Driverless AC COB Technology

Our LED-modules in driverless technology combine the LED- and driver technology on one joint circuit board. The previously used LED power supply (driver) is no longer required. The advantages are obvious: Away from expensive and bulky power supply towards LED-modules which contain everything on one aluminium PCB and can be delivered ready for connecting to be built into the body housing.


Our AC-modules are homogenously dimmable, nearly free of flickering and have a very good thermal de-warming due to the decentralized placement of the driver electronics. The operating life of the entire system (LED and driver) corresponds to > 50.000 working hours.

Learn about the advantages of our products: The modules of Driverless AC COB are a cost-effective and compact solution for all luminaries designers. The large selection of different combinations of performance, colour temperature and connectors offer the manufacturer numerous possibilities.

Cost-effective, compact and versatile - ALIGHT's efficient LED-modules.