Earth Day 2019

- Apr 22, 2019-

Earth Day 2019

More than 1 billion people participated in 192 countries. Today's Earth Day is still the largest environmental movement in the world. Its existence laid the foundation for the 1992 Earth Summit, at which the countries successfully signed the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. Earth Day is no longer just a civil movement, and its role in the global climate change dialogue cannot be ignored.

Next year is also the fifth decade of the birth of the sport. Every 10 years, the public's interest in Earth Day will also increase significantly on its tenth anniversary. Although the 49th Earth Day is still not over, the organizers of the event are already preparing for the 50th anniversary.

earth day 2019

In China, a miracle was created. In a few years, the desert area was re-greened, and 500 million people participated in planting trees and planted 100 million trees.