Fast Start, Low Power, No Strobe

- Jul 27, 2018-

LED fluorescent lamps, commonly known as straight tube lamps, are an alternative to traditional fluorescent tubes, which are reflected in both energy saving and environmental protection. The size is installed in the same way as a conventional fluorescent lamp, but the principle of illumination is to use an LED semiconductor chip for illumination. Divided into two categories according to the material of the casing, one is glass and the other is aluminum and PC. The luminous efficiency is 90 lm/W to 200 lm/W.

The service life is more than 50,000 hours, the power supply voltage is AC85V-265V (AC), no need for the starter and ballast, fast start, low power, no stroboscopic, not easy to see fatigue. It is not only super energy saving but also more environmentally friendly. It is one of the key products developed by the national green energy-saving LED lighting market project.

LED fluorescent lamp installation is relatively simple, it is divided into two types of power supply built-in and external. When the built-in LED fluorescent lamp is installed, the original fluorescent lamp is removed and replaced with LED fluorescent lamp, and the ballast and the starter are removed, so that 220V AC The mains can be directly added to the ends of the LED fluorescent lamp. The external LED lamp of the power supply is usually equipped with a special lamp holder, and the original one can be used.

Compared with incandescent lamps, LED fluorescent lamps can save more than 80% of electricity and have a life expectancy of more than 10 times that of ordinary lamps. They are almost maintenance-free. There is no problem of frequent replacement of lamps, ballasts and starters. The cost savings can be exchanged for the cost. The green environment-friendly semiconductor light source has soft light and pure spectrum, which is beneficial to workers' vision protection and health. The 6000K cold light source gives people a visually cool feeling, which helps to concentrate and improve efficiency.

High luminous efficiency: It adopts the international famous brand independent patented LED manufacturing, and the lamp efficiency is up to 115lm/w, which is 70% more energy saving than traditional fluorescent lamps.

High color rendering: CRI=80, which can reproduce the original bright color of the object and create a comfortable light environment. Long life: The lamp tube is made of glass tube with good thermal conductivity. It is equipped with high-heat-conducting special aluminum alloy radiator to ensure that the LED junction temperature is always lower than 80 °C, 10000 hours light decay <8%, and the service life is up to 50,000 hours.

Safe and reliable: The power supply has multiple protection functions such as lightning protection, overvoltage protection, overcurrent protection, open circuit protection, short circuit protection, etc., to meet the safety requirements such as electromagnetic compatibility, harmonics, withstand voltage and insulation. Failure rate <1/1000.

Green and environmental protection: it meets the requirements of the European Rohs directive, and has no shortcomings such as mercury and ultraviolet pollution of traditional fluorescent lamps. The constant DC current drives the LED to emit light, and the light is pure and soft.

Durable: Pure heat-conducting glass tubes never deteriorate yellow, and the luminous retention rate is high.

Versatile: Wide voltage (AC85-265V) power supply design, stable operation even if the voltage fluctuates greatly. Applicable to global mains voltage.

Professional and beautiful: professional lighting design masters to build, better understand the market demand for high cost performance: there is a strong application of alternative and cost-effective, in the peers have a competitive advantage.