Fire Drill Activities—Alight

- Nov 02, 2018-

Fire drill activities—Alight

In order to further strengthen the fire safety education of all personnel in the whole project and improve the ability to respond to emergencies, we can quickly organize rescue and emergency methods to prevent emergency rescue of delays due to ineffective organization of emergency response operations or disorder and on-site rescue work. 

fire drill.

Effectively avoid or reduce casualties and property losses; help to achieve rapid, orderly and efficient emergency response actions. Its main purpose is to verify the feasibility of emergency firefighting and the degree of conformity with the actual situation; to find problems and deficiencies in the emergency plan, so as to improve in time; make the emergency personnel familiar with the various emergency operations and the procedures of the entire emergency operation, and enhance the proficiency of emergency personnel. Sex and confidence, our company department organized a fire drill.

Ps: The weather is dry and cold, pay attention to safety with fire and protect the environment.