Focused Illumination Of The Track Light

- Sep 04, 2018-

Focused illumination of the track light

Most spotlights have only direct shooting and scattering, but some of them have a focus function that can stepless beam angle, the price will rise to an incredible degree.

Although the price of the adjustable focal length track light on the market is not clear, we can find out that our company has introduced a new track light - Zoomable LED track spotlight

ZOOMABLE track light.jpg

Alight zoomable track—spotlight is an integration of the focus control technology and stylish design.This spotlight series can be zoomable and retractable from 20°~60°,so different size of angle beam cone and brightness can be realized by stretching the front part of the light.

alight lighting.jpg

COB Zooming LED Track Spot light

• High CRI up to 80Ra ,2700K-6500K ideally close to show object colors realistically.

•High Brightness with CREE COB as light source, longer lifespan assurance

•Driver loaded in the lamp body, compact design looks clean and elegant

•Anti-glare design and perfect light circle

•Widely options of beam angle for different zoomable spotlighting demand(20° to 60° changeable)

•The lamp body adopted aluminum alloy, lightness, firmly and durable