Furniture For Track Lights

- Aug 30, 2018-

Furniture for track lights

Install dark line rails on the ceiling, and properly move the track lights, which can be used in a simple space without fear of light.

The secret of the track light is that there is a hidden conductive rail inside.

The secret of the track light

track lighting

In other words, but whatever, as long as you have this track head, go to the conductive rail, and it will light up!Not only limited to spotlights, spotlights, chandeliers, decorative light bulbs, or even ceiling lights, it's all right!

led track lighting

As long as you feel that the lights are not enough or the position is not suitable, you can always disassemble them! Adjust your favorite location.

What can a group of track lights do?Because the track lights are very flexible, in addition to the daily lighting, you can add more richness to your life.

A light can be done!!

Turn your display wall into an art gallery! 

art gallery

Can't see the interior of the black lacquered cabinet?

Alight lighting

Every close friend gathering is like a high-end restaurant!

high-end restaurant

Light up the boring white wallLight up the boring white wall

Sensitive to light,High requirements for lighting,Everyone who is jealous of the family,The most basic requirements.