Great Technology – Driverless COB LED

- Aug 29, 2018-

Great Technology – Driverless COB LED

The concept of an AC LED light is an great technology. Because you can eliminate the AC-to-DC converter and several other electronic components that DC LEDs require, the electronics are simplified between the AC power source and the LED. It will used more widely in the near future.

driverless ac cob led chip

Generally, it’s important to know that AC LED is really a misnomer: LEDs are diodes with current flowing in one direction (as in direct current). However, with a so-called AC-LED scheme, LEDs can be connected directly to the mains power supply (typically 110V/60 Hz or 230V/50 Hz) and create light without the use of a typical driver. For each half-cycle of the AC’s sinusoidal waveform, half of the LEDs emit light and half are dark; this is reversed during the next half-cycle. In this configuration, sometimes referred to as “true AC” or an antiparallel approach, a large number of LEDs in series can operate directly from line voltage.

Please also see the contrast ion between these light.

The LED light with driverDriverless LED COB light
1. The product size is limited to the driver.1. The product size can be as requirement.
2. High failure frequency for LED driver.2. Driverless LED light can avoid the failure caused by driver.
3. The heat sink is affected by the heat dissipation of LEDs and driver3.The heat sink only need to solve the heat dissipation of LEDs
4. PF<0.7 for low watt lamp.4. PF>0.9 for all driverless lamp.
5. Variable quality for DC cob LAMPS.5. Stable AC COB technology, CRI>80RA, no customer complaint.
6. Need to change driver when dimmable, cost increased for a product.6. Dimmable supported, matching 85% dimmers.
7.2-3years warranty7. 4-5 years warranty is reachable.
8.Some of lamps with driver can’t pass LVD and EMC testing.8. Patent design, compatible with SAA, CE standard, withstand high voltage 4200V
9. For example Sharp COB with driver, lamp price is generally high.9. Driverless COB, the distinct advantage of price.

As all we know, DC LEDs require a driver to condition the AC power infrastructure to provide a DC low-voltage regulated power source for the LED light engine. This driver includes an AC-to-DC converter, typically a large electrolytic capacitor as well as other electronic components that can number up to 20 on the driver board for a 7W MR16 lamp.  However, AC (alternative current) LEDs can be connected directly to normal power supplies (usually 110V at 60Hz or 230V at 50Hz) and do not require a LED driver, then we call it driverless LED light.