High Lighting Quality And Visual Effects

- Jul 27, 2018-

Bold light is usually a common name for grille spotlights, because the shape of the light source used in the lamp liner is similar to the "bucket" shape (the old grain food appliance), so it is also called the daring lamp, also called "bean gallbladder lamp" It should be the reason for homophonic. The daring lamp panel is made of high-quality aluminum alloy profile, which is sprayed and treated with a flashing silver color to prevent rust and corrosion.

1 double ring structure, the direction of light can be adjusted.

2 The center area can increase the brightness by 35%. Installation method: embedded

The floodlights can be used in a single installation, or a combination of multiple lamps can be installed on a pole of 20 m or more to form a high-pole lighting device. In addition to the beautiful appearance, centralized maintenance, reduced lamp pole and floor space, the biggest advantage of this device is its strong lighting function. When the light is projected from a high place, the spatial brightness of the environment is high, and the light coverage is large, giving a feeling of whiteness, so that the lighting quality and visual effect are high.