How Does Alight Feel

- Sep 20, 2018-

How does alight feel?

ALIGHT—A supplier, a businessman; also a big family. If the robot is the most accurate in the world, then we are the ones who create the robot.

In a large family, there is a professional electronic technology team, planning designers who design lighting distribution, and already experienced foreign trade team. Of course, the formation of this team is mainly for our after-sales service. Guarantee all service processes from consulting, customization, production, shipping and after-sales.

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We have been involved in lighting design work and service sales for ten years. Advances in technology and feedback from our customers have been changing our new products. Focus on indoor lighting for custom lighting, track lights, chandeliers, etc. Similarly, good products must have accurate instrument testing and testing—each year, we will invest up to 100,000 electronic testing equipment; the investment in developing new product designs is invested every year. Of course, this is a must-have job for a professional lighting company.

This year, our new light source product driverless ac cob, its application is many, the most important use is that, when installing the light source, there is no need for additional matching drive (but not a lack of radiator), many customers also consult For this product, we also use the design of this product on the guide lamp body, which greatly shortens the length of the lamp body and the price.

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▲ LED Track spot lights

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▲Simple downlight

The strongest after-sales service team, designed for you.Gather your suggestions and make plans. Yes, this is ALIGHT company about lighting,we are waitting for you.