International Working Women's Day

- Mar 08, 2019-

International Working Women's Day

On the occasion of the “March 8” International Women’s Day, women’s organizations and feminist activists in various countries have worked hard to promote women’s rights into important national, regional and international human rights agendas, suggesting international or national gender blind spots on women’s issues. They encourage and organize women to share their personal experiences, discuss issues such as pornography, nursery, sexual harassment, rape, domestic violence (such as beating wife, child abuse), and urge some important government websites to reflect surveys and reports on women's lives and work. Documents, adopting relevant policies.

international march 8 wommer's day

In Italy, in order to celebrate this day, the man gave the woman a yellow mimosa. Yellow mimosa and chocolate are also one of the most common gifts in Russia and Albania on March 8.

In many countries, such as Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bulgaria, Croatia, Colombia, Estonia, Hungary, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Ukraine, Brazil, Kazakhstan, Serbia Countries such as Russia and Russia still prevail in the practice of giving flowers to women. Women sometimes get gifts from employers. Primary and secondary school students often bring gifts to female teachers.

In countries such as Portugal and Italy, women’s groups usually hold “female-only” dinners and parties to celebrate the holidays on the evening of March 8.

In Pakistan, women working in the formal and informal sectors celebrate International Women’s Day every year to commemorate their struggle to secure their rights in the face of many cultural and religious restrictions.

Some women working on social change use International Women’s Day to advance the women’s rights movement. For example, in Poland, every International Women’s Day is held in major feminist parades in major cities.