Japanese Decoration Lighting Case

- Jan 03, 2020-

Case of a Japanese brand sushi restaurant

Scene decoration overview:

* A Japanese brand shop with an area of about 80 square meters;

* Overlapping ceilings conceal the lighting well, creating the most minimalist lighting experience

* The height of the lamp from the ground is about 4-5 meters;

* Japanese culture concept style.

application for restaurant

Features required for lighting design:

* Widely use accent lighting fixtures to highlight the ingredients displayed in each area,to create high-end peaceful atmosphere

* Widely use accent lighting fixtures in various areas of the store to increase the comfort of diners,

* According to the change of the position of the display ingredients, the irradiation angle of the lamp can be adjusted at any time,

4 used the track lights and downlights

* The color temperature requirements of lamps and lanterns conform to the environment and atmosphere, and can highlight the overall cultural concept of brand shops,

* The whole space is designed without main lighting, and the lights are evenly distributed.

warm colour lights

Our design plan:

* Fixture combination: Motorized track light + ceiling spotlight + downlight;

* The Motorized track light can remotely adjust the lighting angle of the lamp at any time, highlight the display of ingredients, and create the best environment atmosphere,

* Ceiling spotlights are used to supplement the lighting effect in dark corners,

* Downlight is used for soft lighting of counter glass.