Latest News On Flexible COB LEDs

- Sep 13, 2018-

Latest news on Flexible COB LEDs

The new flexible cob led item of AL- FLA250X10P150-12V has become a hotsale product this year. Its narrow and longer lighting area meets clients’ application such as hallway lighting, decoration lighting and showcase lighting which should place in concealed spot.

In the course of development, there are two questions that our clients meet the most as below on our Flexible cob led:

1.Can we improve it by changing the circuit board such as 15w into 10w or other watt or voltage;changing the dimension into larger one; changing the spec. such as the CRI or Lumen output?

–Yes! We can change it based on your demand and give you our technical support as long as you can come out the idea. And we will offer our professional suggestion on chip-on-board (COB LED) technology upon your concept on what you want it to be.

2. What if we connect them by connectors, then how many product can we connect?

–It depends on the capacity of the connector and PCB. The quantity that you can connect them should not exceed the limitation of the capacity.Normally our connector’s capacity is 320v 9A, and PCB board is 3-9A.

Taking our 10w 48v for example — 0.21mA can be connected 40pcs

within our board capacity, that means it will be 305mm x 40pcs = 13m