Library's Light Distribution Design

- Dec 24, 2019-

Library's light distribution design

Decoration overview of the scene:

* Shops in large shopping malls, with an area of about 2500 square meters;

* Hollow display and reading lobby;

* The height of the lamp from the ground is about 7-9 meters;

* Artistic style.

library application

Features required for lighting design:

* Widely use accent lighting fixtures, highlight books displayed in various areas, and create a starry atmosphere;

* Extensive use of accent lighting fixtures for each reading area to increase reader comfort;

* According to the change of the position of the display books, the irradiation angle of the lamps can be adjusted at any time;

* Lighting style requires fashion concise, elegant and generous;

* The whole space is designed without main lighting, and the lights are evenly distributed.

library lights designlibrary design

Our design plan:

* Fixture combination: Motorized track light + ceiling spot light + linear light;

* The Motorized track light can remotely adjust the illumination angle of the lamp at any time, highlight the books and be used for reading lighting;

* Ceiling spotlights are used to create the overall space atmosphere of the lighting;

*Linear lights are used for local soft lighting.