New Design Motorized Track Light

- Mar 04, 2019-

New design motorized track light


Track head with a motorized horizontal and vertical IR Wireless remote controller motorized track light axis can be adjusted from far below or across the room with the remote control. The utilitarian style fits almost any design criteria. Aluminum housing and durable PC

components are backed by a 3 years warranty. Excellent choice for commercial, retail stores, banquet halls, museum, and jewelry applications.

This remote controlled track light is features a utilitarian design and to match any setting.

alight company motorized track lights

If your shop or room use track lighting which needs to be moved and reset on a regular basis depending on your products, you may be interested in a new motorised track light system. Which has been designed to easy repositioning the track lights without the need for a ladder.

Using a remote control this track lighting system can be repositioned at any time allowing you to change the focus and ambience within your room almost instantly.