Qualified Track Lights

- Oct 25, 2018-

Qualified track lights

See the rail lights on the market for only $4-10?? What an amazing amount! ! However, please observe carefully that these cheap track lights have the following symptoms:

1. The weight is very light, just like the thin aluminum alloy, it is easy to deform when squeezed slightly;

2. The light source chip is not safe. If it is used for a short period of time, these light sources are very bright, but they are generally only maintained for about 1 week, and then they cannot be used normally. What a pity news;

3. The drive is dangerous! ! Cheap track lights are the cheapest. When the seller chooses the driver, there is no driver for the certificate. Do you want to use such a lamp? ? ?

Therefore, the correct choice of rail lights, please pay attention to the above points, there are no certificates, quality assurance, and the period of use. Properly buying lamps can save you money on buying lamps every year. Of course, the premise is that the lamps you have purchased have been used for 3 years.

35w led track lights

The quality of the guide rail light can be seen in the picture, the quality of the clearance; if the customer needs us to provide the test data of the guide light, we will provide data reports to the customer according to the situation. At the same time, our company continues to participate in this year's Hong Kong Autumn Lighting Fair as we have in previous years. Welcome everyone to visit, thank you for your support!