Ready To Ship-In February

- Jan 31, 2020-

Ready To Ship-In February

Glad to tell you that our company has stocks of accessories such as track lights, down lights, and hot-selling ceiling lights, ready to ship at any time!

downlights (have white,glod color)

Downlights - Black、White & Glod

*Made of fast-dissipating aluminum alloy.

*Warm white cold white temperature optional.

*Single head wattage supports 7-15w.

downlights (have white,glod color)

Downlight & Spotlight

*Adjust the status at will, downlight status or spotlight status.

*Can rotate 350 degrees,90 degrees up and down.

*Recessed light fixture, only the size of the palm, to meet the space requirements.

track lights

Track Lights

*Classic style black and white choice.

*The repurchase rate accounts for 50%. Of course, the length of the light bucket can be short.

*Aluminum alloy structure for faster heat dissipation and stability.

*The choice of color temperature adds a touch of life.

For the above products, the spare parts are ready for shipment. To welcome the New Year, these products will be discounted by 30%. Of course, we also support customized light source services. Customers are welcome to contact us and have a happy life.