Regret Without Watching

- Feb 21, 2019-

Alight's new AL-06 series

75 series LED Track light with incorporated electronic gear and Chip on board.Improved color rendering index +80. High quality lenses with three different beam spreads.

Lamp housing of die-cast aluminium for optimal cooling, long lifetime and low weight.

75 series track lighting.jpg

Track lighting

• High powered LED module (no lamp required): Uses 28 watts CREE cob led to produce a 2500 lumen light output,comparable to the output of a 180 watt incandescent.

•Featuring high purity anodized aluminum reflector and a pure aluminum body,simple body,simple and fashionable shape integrated design.

•Compatibility : H System configuration, can be compatible with H type 3-wire-1 circuit track system

•Easy install: includes all mounting hardware for quick and easy installation

75 series spotlight.jpg

Ceiling spotlight

· Integrated design—Aluminum alloy body, simple and fashionable shape to integrated design with built-in driver.  

· The newest generation COB LED chips with energy stars certified, replace halogen bulb, going green and saving  money.

· No RF interference, no buzzing noise, no UV radiation.

· Good heat sink and easy for maintain result from lamp’s good structure,longer life span

· High powered LED module:Uses 28 watts CREE cob led to produce a 2500 lumens light output, comparable to the output of a 180 watt incandescent

75 series pendant light.jpg

LED Pendant lights

•Contemporary one-light Mini Pendant design combines energy-efficient LED technology and unique style.

• The lamp body adopted AL alloy, lightness, firmly and durable.

 • Uses 15 watts COB LED to produce a 1400 lumens light output, comparable to the output of a 120 watt incandescent.

 • Use high light transmittance toughened glass as cover material

The light source is placed under the same brightness, compare to previous multiple shadow features lighting, COB LED light is uniform glow effect, no ghosting, light feel soft and comfortable. When the traditional light source irradiation surface, as temperatures rise, more and more ultraviolet light accumulate, thus cause damage to the goods; while LED lamps emit no ultraviolet light and infrared, will not produce heat and radiation.