Special Three Styles For Option

- May 09, 2019-

Special three installation methods

Different track lights have different installation methods. Our latest Alight company's Motorized track lights, according to the market survey data analysis, launched three main installation methods to facilitate the needs of different customers.

Concealed Adaptor with integrated driver-alight motorized track lightsConcealed Adaptor with integrated driver

The most cost-effective configuration option, Concealed Adaptor with integrated driver, can increase the service life, which is convenient for customers to disassemble and assemble the lamps themselves, and better replace the new light source.

The high-quality drive embodies the service life of a guide rail lamp. This style combination meets the European and American international standards, energy saving & intelligence.

The driver is in the track box

External drive power box

1. The rotation speed of the track light is the fastest of the three,

2.The price range is medium,

3.Support infrared remote control,

4.On the basis of several hot-selling track lights, we can add the function of remote control and intelligent rotation. Of course, Different people have different opinions on the lights In terms of installation, it can also be convenient for customer installation.

The driver is in the lamp body+track adapter

Drive built-in body

1.The driver is in the lamp body+track adapter

2. Simple black and white classic style

3. Combined with infrared remote control device

4. Available for 2 lines, 3 lines, etc.

These three styles for option, to meet the needs of different people, the most important function of this Alight Motorized track lights, or it can be intelligently rotated remote control, of course, we decided to set the unit price range of $50-$150, high cost performance stability For details, please contact us at info@alight.hk.