- Dec 04, 2018-


Typically when I think of track lighting, I envision something that’s busy, clunky and dated. It gets a bad rep for being pretty generic and boring. And while it’s probably not that fair to bully track lighting on a stereotype, I’m not going to overlook that what you might think of when you hear “track lighting” is something similar to the below:

    LED track lights applications  lights applications

There is no imaginary beauty, only a thick and bulky feeling. However, from the design point of view, the rail light is suitable for a wide and simple space. The lamps that are decorated in this way will become very cool.

track lights is cool

Keeping the spotlights clustered on either side like in this room can look pretty interesting. I’m into it. Would it have been better in white? Possibly…

The beauty of track lighting is that you can put the spotlights right where you need them, like over a dining space (without stealing too much attention from the furniture like a more dramatic chandelier would do).