Warm White Or Cool White LED Track Light

- Sep 27, 2018-

Warm white or cool white LED track light

Warm white or cool white light choices, for the luminaire, as a fate-like choice.The most important light is still classified as warm white or cool white. Maybe some customers don't understand what it is, but now I can tell you, imagine that the sun in the sun at 12 noon is warm white, the color shining on your clothes. It is white, it is cold white.

color temperature.png

Each light source has a natural color tone to its light. In general, to produce warmer tones and a more comfortable/soothing light (often used for general lighting), purchase lights that have a 2700-3200 k (kelvin) rating. To produce truer colors and a more natural light (Dressing Rooms, over fruit and veggies, areas where you want the truest color without glare), 4000 – 4500 K. For day white or bright light (task-spaces, offices), 5500-6000 K. The Color Rating Index (CRI) is basically a measurement of how a light shows a product’s true color.