Welcome Shivraj To Visit Our Company

- Oct 22, 2018-

Welcome Shivraj to visit our company

What a wonderful autumn, the best thing is to walk around and visit our company.

Shivraj, our customers from India, are very interested in our new second-generation ac light source this year. When the Hong Kong exhibition is ready to open, we will visit our company. Going further to understand the charm of our light source.

customer visiting company

Our second-generation ac light source, also known as driverless ac cob led chip, eliminates the trouble of secondary soldering wire, eliminating the need to purchase additional drivers. When the parameters are checked, you can directly attach the fixing glue and use it directly. Of course, you may think that the price of our light source is more expensive than before, but please compare and analyze:

ac cob led

   2On the left is a generation of ac cob LED chip, on the right is the new second generation light source (driverless ac cob led)

* No need to re-wire the wire, it has been welded for you, just fit in a fixed position.

* No additional drive is required as this is the ac source

* Don't worry about the temperature being too high, it will be damaged because the safety device is installed inside.

* Don't worry about electricity bills, because it is the same as green lamps, it is environmentally friendly lighting products.