Welcome To Our BBQ Conference

- Sep 25, 2018-

Welcome to our BBQ conference

Do you like barbecue? I think you should all like it very much. When you are grilling, the aroma of charcoal grilled meat is added to the cumin powder.


 Some vanilla is placed on the charcoal, and the gravy is sizzling on the baking sheet; fresh oysters Put the garlic on the seasoning and roast. This is a very magical process, a gift from nature to humans, and our pursuit of food.

Sushi & Porridge.jpg

Of course, we also tasted sushi and fried noodles. The meat is fresh and tender, and the sushi sauce with mustard is soaked, wow, sour! Excellent.

Do you like this way of eating? Maybe you can contact me and talk about your way of eating. Welcome to exchange.