Wireless Intelligent Lighting Control System V1.0

- Aug 27, 2020-

Wireless Intelligent Lighting Control System V1.0

Brief Introduction of Alight Technology Smart Radio Motorized lighting Control System:

Alight Technology’s intelligent radio Motorized lighting  control system uses radio RF433 as the signal carrier to achieve long-distance control of commercial main lighting lamps (including but not limited to track spotlights, tube spotlights, ceiling spotlights, ceiling spotlights, etc.) Distance control, such as lamp shape adjustment (transformation), illumination angle adjustment, illumination intensity adjustment, light color temperature adjustment, etc.

Taking a Motorized lighting track light as an example, the simple design of the Motorized lighting track light has a built-in drive motor. Through the RF433 radio control signal, the lamp body can be controlled to swing up and down from 0 to 90 degrees and to rotate around 0 to 340 degrees. Gradient dimming.

In addition, through this control system, a remote control can be used to realize networking control of multiple lamps. The networking control can achieve the following control effects:

1. A single remote control for a single lamp, swing up and down and left and right to adjust the angle, gradual dimming;

2. Synchronous control of multiple lamps and lanterns by one remote control, gradual dimming.

Close-up picture of lamps:

motorized lighting