Alight Optoelectronic Industry Commerce Co., LTD. is one of the earliest LED encapsulation factories in Zhongshan founded in 2000.We have cooperated with Electronic Science & technology Institute of China in 2007, and explored and produced in LED panel light source encapsulation technology, So in the early 2008, we launched the series of LED panel light source standard module (Chip on board),which solves the common problems,such as glare , heat dissipation and other issues when we take the lighting application into the production process of COB LED, even more the luminous efficiency has been improved by 30% and the cost deceased by 40% accordingly compared with the traditional process, which laying the foundation for LED white lights to enlarge lighting appication's market,and fill the technical blank of LED encapsulation’s limitation only by point encapsulation at that time.and also plays an oriented role in development of LED encapsulation technique.


In 2000, LED lighting began an industry revolution to the traditional lighting market dominated by incandescent lamps, halogen lamps, fluorescent lamps and other traditional light sources,Our company are specialized in COB LED design and development, and also provide the systematic complete of lighting solutions from light source design to the realization of lighting matching scene and lighting design for indoor lighting (especially for accent lighting).We always adhere to the lighting design and service to guide the sales of products as the marketing concept of our company.

At present,we has many innovative patents for our main superior quality products: Driverless AC COB module(ZL 201720828946.6), FPCB COB module(ZL 201720124523.6), Customized COB module with high luminous efficacy,accent lighting fixtures(such as track light,recessed down light etc. (Innovative utility patent: ZL 201720828388.3). We strive to help our clients save money and environment by providing the very best in light source design, lighting design/solutions and the luminous flux specifies the utilisable illumination output.

Till 2017,our company we have more than 30 patents in driverless AC COB, FPCB COB and accent lighting fixtures,at the same time,we applied for Guangdong Hi-tech Enterprise.Moreover,our company has been listed in Guangzhou equity trading center in December 2018,Equity Code: 892091.

In the future, our company will insist on the core concept of striding forward, always be at the forefront of the development of the industry.