Rotatable Pull Out Recessed Downlight Led Spotlight

rotatable pull out recessed downlight led spotlight,Highly efficient and functional fixtures which can almost give an answer to all lighting demand.

Product Details

Rotatable pull out recessed downlight led spotlight

12w rotation down light

1) CREE COB original LED Source ,long life span ,low lumens decline.

2) several kind of beam angle available for different place .

3) 6063 Aluminum ,fast heat out put, guarantee the long life span again.

4) Unique and good looking design.

5) Three years warranty driver

6) different power,Simple installation, it is an excellent replacement of conventional light.

12w recessed downlight details

adjustable led down light


1) Q: Nearly all LED downlight are the same exterior,how to tell quality?

A: Price and exterior.

Though LED lighting products are with same or similar exterior,due to raw material cost difference is big,poor quality are all poor heat sink exterior with poor heat dissipation.So prices are also low.

Besides,the driver exterior is also low-end with poor IC,MOS and capacitances.

2) Q: Does LED downlight really have 50,000 hours lifespan?

A: 50,000 or longer lifespan is only theroy from lab test.But due to working environments are different from in lab,actual lifespan is only <=30,000hours.

3) Q: For same power,why different suppliers with different brightness?

A: Different chips,or same chip but different brightness version.The brightness will be different.But for same chip and same brightness version,the brightness will be slight difference.But please make clear the brightness difference between LEDs and lamp fixture.

For example,12w LED downlight,the LEDs initial brightness is around 1400lm.But the true lamp fixture brightness will lose some due to cover and heat,then will be around 1000lm.But some suppliers write LEDs brightness 1400lm in data sheet to attract clients.Please be careful.

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