Square Recessed Ceiling Spotlights 15w

square recessed ceiling spotlights 15w,Die-casting aluminum heat sink for thermal management of passive cooling.Life time above 50,000 hours, NO NEED DRIVER!
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 Square recessed ceiling spotlights 15w

This AC COB 15 Watt Recessed Square Gimbal is one of the most modernistic, sleek recessed lighting fixtures available.                           

Our transformative patented  G2 series AC COB LED Lights requires no driver and also TRIAC dimmable support. Installation is very easy, simply cut the hole into your ceiling and snap the fixture in securely with the attached spring clips. 

It delivers 1300 lumens of warm white 3000K light or cool white 6000K, with a lifespan of 50,000 hours. 

Specification of LED recessed spot lights : 

Model: AL-GL03 Series 

Power: 15w ,15x2 , 15wx3 

LED: AC COB Module (our patented)

Material:  aluminum alloy



CCT: 3000K-6000K


3 Years warranty


gimbal downlight 2


We also provide custom service according to your special requirements !


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