28w LED Spot Light With Hgih Power

28w LED Spot Light With Hgih Power

28w popular spot light is high power consumption, energy efficient solution and comes in AC COB and CREE COB options, with triac dimming function.

Product Details

Dimmable White 28W LED Track Spotlight 2500K

Dimmable track projector with a cylindrical structure and compact design. The spotlight distribute light to where it is most needed, since they can be directed to emphasise certain elements or can distribute the light uniformly.
Thanks to high-efficiency  LED, a yield of 100lm/W to 120lm/W can be achieved, optimising the light emitted and achieving improved consumption.

Featuring high purity anodized aluminum reflector and a pure aluminum body, simple and fashionable shape to integrated design.

track light

*.Single and 3-circuit tracks and heads for options.

*.Triac dimming function compatible(dimming driver on demand).

*.Surface mounted or hung from the ceiling via chains or suspension kits.

28w cob spot lightcob led track light

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